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System results

Source PT
Date 2020-06-22
Result type PT
Benchmark version 0.95
Cloud type Off premises
Cloud service AWS
Workload Web microservices
SLA (ms) 3000
Concurrency 4
Success rate (requests/sec) 5
Response time (ms, 95th percentile) 812
# of compute pods 1
Pod size 12 x vCPUs
Kubernetes version 1.16.10
Docker version 18.09.9
# nodes 2
Node type m5.4xlarge, m3.medium
CPU 16 x vCPUs
Memory 64 GB, 3.8 GB
Storage size and type s3
Operating system Debian GNU/Linux 9
OS kernel 4.9.189-3+deb9u2
Last OS updates 2020-06-10
Results files Download (link)