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Category: Benchmarking computing devices

Question we get a lot

“How come your benchmark ranks devices differently than [insert other benchmark here]?” It’s a fair question, and the reason is that each benchmark has its own emphasis and tests different things. When you think about it, it would be unusual if all benchmarks did agree. To illustrate the phenomenon, consider this excerpt from a recent [...]

What’s in a name?

A couple of weeks ago, the Notebookcheck German site published a review of the Huawei P8lite. We were pleased to see they used WebXPRT 2015, and the P8 Lite got an overall score of 47. This week, AnandTech published their review of the Huawei P8lite. In their review, the P8lite got an overall score of [...]

Device or computer?

As you may have noticed, I am fascinated by performance.  I’m also an avid cyclist and techno geek.  The recent start of the Tour de France has turned my thoughts to the technology of bikes and their accessories.  As with most technology, the latest models promise to be faster, lighter, and better. One accessory of [...]

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