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Just before showtime

In case you missed the announcement, WebXPRT 3 is now live! Please try it out, submit your test results, and feel free to send us your questions or comments. During the final push toward launch day, it occurred to us that not all of our readers are aware of the steps involved in preparing a [...]

WebXPRT 3 is here!

We’re excited to announce that WebXPRT 3 is now available to the public. BenchmarkXPRT Development Community members have been using a community preview for several weeks, but now anyone can run WebXPRT 3 and publish their results. As we mentioned on the blog, WebXPRT 3 has a completely new UI, updated workloads, and new test [...]

A smooth transition

We want to thank Andrei Frumusanu of AnandTech for mentioning WebXPRT 3 in the System Performance section of their Snapdragon 845 review. For testing labs and tech media, incorporating a new benchmark into a test suite can be daunting, and they don’t make the decision to do so lightly. Once a new benchmark is in [...]

WebXPRT 3, Mobile World Congress, and the next HDXPRT

We’re excited about everything that’s in store for the XPRTs, and we want to update community members on what to expect in the next few months. The next major development is likely to be the WebXPRT 3 general release. We’re currently refining the UI and conducting extensive testing with the community preview build. We’re not [...]

The WebXPRT 3 Community Preview is here!

Today we’re releasing the WebXPRT 3 Community Preview (CP). As we discussed in the blog last month, in the new version of WebXPRT, we updated the photo-related workloads with new images and a new deep learning task for the Organize Album workload. We also added an optical character recognition task to the Local Notes workload [...]

News about WebXPRT and BatteryXPRT

Last month, we gave readers a glimpse of the updates in store for the next WebXPRT, and now we have more news to report on that front. The new version of WebXPRT will be called WebXPRT 3. WebXPRT 3 will retain the convenient features that made WebXPRT 2013 and WebXPRT 2015 our most popular tools, [...]