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The tragic flaw in instructional design

In today’s evolving business world, you may only have a few weeks to design and build an app or elearning module to train an audience on a new company offering or service. The experience needs to entice users to play with it, and the content should compel learners to consume it. In a traditional content-first […]

Seven reasons your e-learning will fail in 2015

At the beginning of the year we took a look at how and why e-learning was changing. We began to see e-learning in the context of increased mobility, an evolving economy, and even the cultural impact of generational change. Many of the changes that we anticipated would begin to transform our industry throughout the year […]

The new attention span

Someone told me recently entropy isn’t what it used to be. I haven’t been able to stop offering that up as a quip for why anything goes differently than expected. For many in the world of learning and training, things do appear to be going differently than expected. When we look at learning in the […]