Fact-based marketing

As the world’s leading fact-based marketing firm, we have the expertise and facilities to perform hands-on assessments of your technology products – servers, storage, laptops, tablets, smartphones, software, and more – and deliver the facts that make them shine. We outsource nothing: we perform all testing and create all marketing materials in our on-site data center, lab, and studio facilities. From a project as simple as demonstrating a laptop’s battery-life superiority, to one as complex as multi-workload visualization proof points with an accompanying live-action video, we can complete any marketing mission you want. Whatever the format of the deliverable, the facts are front and center.

If you’re a non-tech company looking for a marketing group, we can also serve your needs. We are committed to marketing your products or services with the same rigor, accuracy, and style that we bring to our technology assessment customers.

No matter your industry, when you’re considering whether PT is the right fit for you, we’re here to help. We exist to do the best work for our clients and be the best place to work for our staff. And in every conversation with us, you’ll find that those values permeate everything we do. To learn more about what you can expect from the very beginning of our partnership, click here.

For examples of our work, see our Portfolio.

Video: Our labs. Your labs. Video: Our labs. Your labs.
Our labs. Your labs.

Video: Our studio. Your studio. Video: Our studio. Your studio.
Our studio. Your studio.
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