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The tragic flaw in instructional design

In today’s evolving business world, you may only have a few weeks to design and build an app or elearning module to train an audience on a new company offering or service. The experience needs to entice users to play with it, and the content should compel learners to consume it. In a traditional content-first […]

What’s Appening with eLearning in 2017?

Why app-like learning? E-learning has been fairly slow to migrate to mobile devices, even though users in the U.S. have spent several years consuming more digital media on mobile applications than on laptops or desktops. One push-back I’ve heard regarding mobile-friendly e-learning is that learners typically use laptops or desktops during the workday, and this […]

Getting a running start in learning:
The approach run

This past summer, the world watched amazing feats of strength and agility in the Rio 2016 Olympics. One especially competitive event was the long jump. Jeff Henderson took home the men’s gold for the USA, flying 27 ½ feet, while USA’s Tianna Bartoletta won the gold for the women with a personal-best distance of over […]

Women Coding for Change: How elearning can kickstart your coding career

Over the past couple months, PT has been releasing a series of videos called “Women Coding for Change.” The videos tell some of the stories of the XPRT Women Code-a-thon and attempt to shed light on the massive gender gap in STEM fields. Our hope is that people watching these videos will be inspired to […]

20 microlearning formats worth your consideration (part II)

In my previous article, I offered 10 microlearning format options that many people don’t think of. In this follow-up article, I’ve providing ten additional ideas with examples. Any of these ideas can be combined and can enhance more traditional learning formats. Signage Signage can be digital or a simple paper poster. Apply the same design […]

20 microlearning formats worth your consideration (part I)

As I’ve discussed before, microlearning is an approach to training that delivers content to learners in small, targeted bursts. The learners choose their path and pace through the content. When a learning organization begins to incorporate a microlearning strategy into its overall training curriculum, it’s safe to start with five-minute Storyline modules or brief videos. […]

Tiny living, tiny learning

One of my favorite television shows at the moment is “Tiny House Hunters”. The show features buyers shopping for homes between 100 and 400 square feet in size. They are choosing to downsize their living space in exchange for an increase in free time, freedom from worries, and a chance at more life experiences. Just […]

Designing virtual reality training

Recently, I enjoyed a truly immersive VR experience. At PT, we’re constantly testing new devices in our datacenter, our client device test beds, and even in our common areas. Last week, staffers donned a VR headset, put on headphones, and stepped inside any number of virtual worlds during a two-day, company-wide VR demonstration[i]. I was […]