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XPRT Spotlight makes it easy for your customers—and buyers around the world–to shop for new laptops, smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

We test many of the devices that appear each year, but if you want to be sure we test your device, you should send it to us.

What you get when XPRT Spotlight highlights your device:

  • We feature each device on the XPRT Tech Spotlight website.
  • We promote the featured device across PT and BenchmarkXPRT social media channels.
  • We verify specs and evaluate every device using the BenchmarkXPRT tools, so you know how your device compares to others.

Do you have devices you want us to put through their paces?

Send us a request. PT will test any device a manufacturer or vendor sends us – for free*. For more information, please contact us at XPRTSpotlight@PrincipledTechnologies.com, or send your device to:

XPRT Weekly Tech Spotlight c/o
Principled Technologies
1007 Slater Road, Suite 300
Durham, NC, 27703

For more information about the BenchmarkXPRT tools, go to BenchmarkXPRT.com.

For more information about Principled Technologies, go to PrincipledTechnologies.com.

*If you contribute a device, it moves to the head of the queue. Please note that, to allow for future retesting, we will not return these devices.

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