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XPRT Spotlight gets you the facts you need before you buy. We’re always on the lookout for new devices we think you’ll be interested in, but we would also love to hear what you’d like to see in the Spotlight.

Do you have a device you want us to put through its paces?

Send your request to XPRTSpotlight@PrincipledTechnologies.com. We verify specs and evaluate every device we Spotlight using the BenchmarkXPRT tools.

Do you have a device you want to test yourself?

You’re in luck. You can run any of the XPRTs below – for free – and see how well your device handles everyday tasks. You can also measure battery life and web-browsing capabilities, and then compare your results to the devices on the Spotlight pages.

These are the XPRT tools we use to get you answers you can rely on:

WebXPRT tells you how good a device really is at browsing websites.

MobileXPRT makes choosing a new Android phone or tablet less daunting.

BatteryXPRT calculates the battery life of your Android devices.

TouchXPRT evaluates how well touch-screen Windows devices handle everyday tasks.

CrXPRT lets you see how well your Chromebook performs on common tasks.

HDXPRT gives you Windows device results you can relate to.

For more information about the BenchmarkXPRT tools, go to BenchmarkXPRT.com

For more information about Principled Technologies, go to PrincipledTechnologies.com


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