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Category: Source code

MobileXPRT 2015 source code and TouchXPRT 2016 Design Overview are available

We’re excited to announce that the MobileXPRT 2015 source code and TouchXPRT 2016 Design Overview are now available to community members! Download the MobileXPRT 2015 source here (login required). Download the MobileXPRT 2015 build instructions here (login required). Download the TouchXPRT 2016 Design Overview here (login required). We also posted links to all three items [...]

WebXPRT 2015 source code is now available

As of today, we are making the WebXPRT 2015 source code available to community members. Download the WebXPRT 2015 source here (login required). We’ll also post a link to the source on the WebXPRT tab in the Members Area. The source code package contains instructions for setting up a local installation of WebXPRT. However, please [...]

HDXPRT 2014 source code is now available

As mentioned in the XPRT blog, we are making the source code available to community members. Download the HDXPRT 2014 source here. We’re also posting HDXPRT build instructions in the Members Area. If you want more information, please contact We look forward to your feedback! Justin Comment on this post in the forums

HDXPRT 2014 source code coming soon

We’ve really been enjoying the smaller size and quicker install and runtimes of HDXPRT 2014, and we encourage you to give the benchmark a try if you haven’t already! Within the next week or so, we’ll make the HDXPRT 2014 source code available to BenchmarkXPRT Development Community members. Part of what makes the XPRT community [...]

Looking for a bargain?

There are many benefits to being a member of the community: the XPRT community previews, the source code for the benchmarks, the monthly newsletter, and more. To join the community, all you’ve had to do up until now is sign up and pay a one-time $20 fee. Our goal with the fee was to make [...]

Speaking the same language

We count on our community members for so much: benchmark ideas, critiquing the benchmark designs, and testing the community previews. Community members with programming skills can vet the source code and submit code for inclusion in the benchmarks. We love getting code from our members. However, people have widely differing opinions about what constitutes well-documented [...]

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