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Category: Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress 2017 and the territories ahead

Walking the halls of this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC)—and, once again, I walked by every booth in every one of them—it was clear that mobile technology is expanding faster than ever into more new tech territories than ever before. On the device front, cameras and camera quality have become a pitched battleground, with mobile [...]

Quarterly review

It’s been one of our busiest quarters ever! Here’s a quick review of what’s been happening: The XPRTs were on the road a lot! In January, I was at CES in Las Vegas. In February, Mark was at MWC in Barcelona. In March, we held the first ever XPRT Women Code-A-Thon in Seattle.   While [...]

Mobile World Congress 2016 and the need for more

Nothing shows you how much more bandwidth we need than a techie trade show like Mobile World Congress 2016. No matter how much the show’s organizers made available, the attendees swamped it with data from their many devices—phones, tablets, and PCs. This show also demonstrated that we’re going to need a lot more of something [...]

Getting closer

Mobile World Congress ended last week. If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you know that Bill had some really good meetings while he was there. That’s not to say that Bill didn’t have some fun too! Next, we go to Intel Developer Forum 2015 – Shenzhen! While Bill has been out of the country, [...]

It’s been a show to watch!

Mobile World Congress 2015 (MWC) has been happening this week in Barcelona. There have been lots of cool phones and tablets, of course, but also there has also been a lot of other cool stuff. From smart watches, foldable keyboards, and 200 GB SD cards to “privacy glasses,” electric bicycles, and even furniture from IKEA, [...]

Back to Barcelona

It’s time for one of Bill’s favorite shows of the year. Mobile World Congress (MWC) starts Monday in Barcelona. Talking about technology in Barcelona, now that’s a plum assignment! Bill’s got a lot to talk about. Since last year’s MWC, here’s some of what’s happened: We released two new benchmarks to the public, BatteryXPRT 2014 [...]

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