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MWC report: Tech is everywhere

I have witnessed the first sign of the singularity. Or, at least proof that tech will indeed be everywhere. I have seen a Bluetooth-enabled electric toothbrush.

It is from Oral-B and is supposed to debut in the US around July for a bit over $200. The toothbrush talks with your smartphone via the Oral-B App, keeps track of how long you are brushing, monitors how hard you are brushing your teeth, and gives you appropriate feedback.

You can program the smartphone app to set target session length and preferred modes on the toothbrush. Additionally, there’s an interface within the app where your dentist can program brushing routines to specify which teeth you need to concentrate on, so that your phone can prompt you to do so. The app even has elements of gamification where you can try to beat your previous brushing high score.

It is hard to not joke about all of this, as it really seems rather over the top. However, things like this are what it will mean for tech to be everywhere. The main question is whether we embrace this or avoid it. Anyone up for some competitive tooth brushing?

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