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The potential and pitfalls of the quantified self

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m very interested in the quantified self; or, more simply, gathering data about myself. I have lots of data from a couple years of wearing smartwatches—data about my heart rate, sleep patterns, walking, bike rides, general exercise, and so on. I also have electronic data from scales, blood pressure devices, DNA […]

Which smartwatch is the best one?

I’ve had quite a few folks ask me recently which smartwatch I would recommend. Since I have been wearing smartwatches for well over two years and have worn five different ones this year for at least a month each, I am a logical choice for this query.   The question is not a simple one […]

Microsoft Band after 6 months

For the better part of six months, I’ve worn my Microsoft Band pretty much continuously. Except for a couple of times I forgot and left it charging, I have worn it from the first day it came out in November until a few weeks ago. Despite the extensive amount of additional information I have gathered […]

Bill doesn’t just review technology – he lives with it first

Bill doesn’t have deadlines for his reviews, so you don’t hear about his experiences until he’s lived with a gadget enough to give you information that is really useful:  

Microsoft Band four-day review

I spent the last four days living with the Microsoft Band, and I’ve come away convinced it is the best smartwatch that I’ve used and a reasonable exercise device. I also think most of the issues I have encountered are ones that can be fixed as the software matures. My reviews of a new product […]

Kreyos preliminary review

A quick riddle: What do you call a smartwatch that is neither smart nor a watch? Answer: A Kreyos Meteor. In the two weeks I used it, I struggled with “smart” software so buggy that the Kreyos Meteor rarely communicated with my smartphone and a “watch” that sometimes didn’t even display the correct time. Sure, […]

Power connectors gone wild

Wearables, such as smartwatches and exercise monitors, all need power. All of the ones I’ve played with need to be recharged at least once a week. The combination of frequent charging, cramped space requirements, and the goal of being waterproof has made that recharging a challenge. For reasons I don’t quite understand, but which probably […]

Basis in the news

Basis, the company that makes the health tracking smartwatch I looked at recently, has been in the news this week. Apparently, Intel found the company as interesting as I found their Health Tracker smartwatch to be. According to a number of articles like this one, Intel won the bidding war for the company. While the […]

Basis Health Tracker smartwatch

There are many different approaches to smart devices you wear on your wrist, and I’ve worn quite a few of them. There are smartwatches, which extend the functionality of your smartphone, like the Pebble, the Samsung Galaxy Gear, and the Martian Watch. At the other end of the spectrum are the lifestyle devices that monitor […]

Pebble smartwatch

My definition of a smartwatch is a device you wear on your wrist, that interacts with your smartphone, and displays at least the time. Regardless of the definition, smartwatches are all the rage. Everyone from Apple to Samsung to Google to Sony to Nissan either has announced one or is rumored to be working on […]