Many of the world’s most successful organizations use decision support systems (DSS) to mine big data for insights that help them make smarter choices at the speed of business. Data-driven recommendations have the most impact when they’re as current as possible, so DSS applications provide the most value in cloud environments that handle compute-intensive, storage-heavy workloads in the least amount of time.

For businesses searching for the right cloud platform for their DSS needs, it can be difficult to weigh the pros and cons of competing public and private cloud solutions. In a recent study, we used a big data decision support workload to evaluate the performance of comparable clusters of Dell APEX Private Cloud and Amazon EC2 instances. We found that the Dell APEX solution completed a set of decision support queries in 13.6 percent less time than the Amazon EC2 solution. It also delivered 24.8 percent greater read throughput and 19.2 percent greater write throughput. This increased performance could put critical insights into the hands of decision-makers sooner.

To learn more about this comparison, check out the report and infographic below.