Many organizations use virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to support its users for VDI’s multiple potential benefits, from easier IT management to decreased security risks. Implementing VDI with a cloud-based solution is an increasingly common choice. With so many cloud options, both public and private, to choose from, it can be hard to pick which solution is the best for your organization and your users. Finding out which cloud option offers the best VDI performance could help you provide your workers with a better experience and faster application response times, factors that can lead to a more productive workforce.

We used the Login Enterprise benchmark, which is a tool for measuring application performance in VDI setups, to compare the user experience and application response times of VDI solutions hosted by Dell APEX Private Cloud and Amazon WorkSpaces. The Dell APEX solution delivered a 14.9 percent overall faster application response time than the Amazon WorkSpaces solution we set up with comparable specs. Also, the Dell environment supported 500 users across its four nodes while only requiring 68.7 percent CPU usage. These results suggest that organizations could provide their users with fast application response times and a strong user experience by choosing Dell APEX Private Cloud.

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