Big data is an integral part of modern life, supporting many of the apps and services that help us work, shop, play, and keep in touch. Behind the curtain in our data-rich environment, hyperscale data centers—both public and private—supply organizations of all sorts with processing power, data storage, and network infrastructure--and at a scale that makes it possible to deliver on-demand, data-intense services worldwide. Companies with hyperscaler capabilities provide the flexibility that businesses need to meet that demand without the risk of over- or under-building a data center, but that flexibility typically involves maintaining mixed-vendor environments with multiple management technologies. Administration tools that are compatible with open standard initiatives like OpenBMC are attractive solutions for simplifying hyperscale management in multi-vendor environments.

Dell PowerEdge HS5620 and HS5610 cloud scale servers offer the option to use Dell Open Server Manager built on OpenBMC, so we researched the ways that those solutions can simplify hyperscale management across multiple vendors. We learned that Dell Open Server Manager lets admins slot PowerEdge cloud scale servers in alongside servers from other vendors that are running OpenBMC and manage them together using a consistent interface. Open Server Manager also allows admins to deploy vendor-neutral BMC software to simultaneously initiate industry-standard operations on hundreds or thousands of servers. It also adds critical features to the OpenBMC firmware stack, such as silicon-based root of trust, Dell lifecycle updates for easy firmware and BIOS management, and SupportAssist log bundles for expert Dell support.

Dell Open Server Manager on PowerEdge cloud scale servers can help to consolidate and simplify important hyperscale management functions across multi-vendor hardware and software stacks. By decreasing the managerial burden of training, monitoring, and execution of routine tasks, Open Server Manager can also contribute to a lower total cost of ownership.

For more information about our research into Dell Open Server Management built on OpenBMC for PowerEdge cloud scale servers, check out the report below.