For businesses of all types, server refresh projects can enable more efficient operations, increased capacity, and accelerated growth. The potential benefits of expansion are easy to see, but server deployment projects typically require a combination of complex planning and IT staff time that can tie down resources and result in significant upfront costs. Dell ProDeploy has a solution that can help your organization save time, avoid costly errors, and ensure consistency as you bring new Dell servers online.

We used three separate deployment scenarios to evaluate three of these offerings: Dell ProDeploy Factory Configuration, ProDeploy for Infrastructure, and ProDeploy Plus for Infrastructure. In each case, we compared the time and effort it took for our in-house admins to manually complete deployment-related tasks with the time and effort it took to complete the same tasks while using ProDeploy services. When we extrapolated our test results from the ProDeploy Factory Configuration and ProDeploy for Infrastructure comparisons, we found that an organization conducting a 100-server Dell PowerEdge R750 installation could save over 115 hours of configuration effort and 223 hours of deployment time. When we used the ProDeploy Plus for Infrastructure service to install a Dell solution that included two PowerEdge R750 servers, a PowerSwitch S5248F-ON switch, and a PowerStore 3200T array, a Dell-certified engineer reduced installation time by almost two full business days—all with minimal input from our staff.

Our studies show that whether a server deployment project is large or small, Dell ProDeploy services can speed and simplify the process from start to finish, freeing valuable IT staff time for other critical business needs.

For more in-depth information about our Dell ProDeploy comparison studies, check out the reports below.