If your e-commerce business uses an online transactional processing (OLTP) database to deliver goods or services, you know that the upside of growing customer demand may be accompanied by a downside of performance bottlenecks. Server upgrades are an obvious solution to the problem, but when every dollar counts, how can you be confident that an investment in new data center hardware will pay off with the performance you need both—now and in the future?

We used an OLTP workload running on Microsoft SQL Server to test whether a VMware vSphere 8.0 vSAN cluster of latest-generation Dell PowerEdge R660 servers would outperform previous-generation PowerEdge R650 and PowerEdge R640 solutions. We saw significantly better performance with the PowerEdge R660 solution: 17 percent more orders per minute (OPM) than the predecessor PowerEdge R650 solution, and 2.3 times the OPM of the older PowerEdge R640 solution. Those types of gains mean that whether you replace older servers with a vSAN cluster of Dell PowerEdge R660 servers, or you add the new servers to expand your data center, the performance boost could help your organization handle higher e-commerce demand with confidence.

To learn more about our tests, check out the report and infographic below.