By generating insights to help leaders understand their organization better and make informed decisions faster, data analytics can play a major role in business operations. The faster data centers can generate these insights, the more time business leaders will have to make smarter choices. Organizations using older servers to perform data analytics workloads could be losing that leading edge to better performance from newer servers.

We tested the data warehouse capabilities of three Dell PowerEdge server models: a latest-generation PowerEdge R760 powered by 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, a previous-generation PowerEdge R750, and an earlier PowerEdge R740xd. We found the PowerEdge R760 completed 25% more analytics work with 25% more VMs in 29% less time vs. a PowerEdge R750 with 16 VMs. The PowerEdge R760 also beat a PowerEdge R740xd with 10 VMs by completing twice the analytics work with twice as many VMs in 41% less time.

As the results from our hands-on testing show, adding new Dell PowerEdge R760 servers to your data center can boost data warehouse workload performance and help you deliver insights sooner.

Find out more in our report and infographic.