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Category: History of computers

Chaos and opportunity

With both E3 and Apple’s WWDC happening this week, there’s been a lot of news. There’s also been a lot of hyperbolic commentary. I am not about to get into the arguments about the PS4 vs. the Xbox One or iOS 7 vs. Android. It was Tim Cook’s presentation at WWDC that really got my [...]

Back to the future of source code

Today I’m spending a good chunk of the day participating in a panel discussion on the Kermit file transfer protocol as part of an oral history project with the Computer History Museum. A little over 30 years ago, I worked at Columbia University on the original versions of Kermit. In preparing for the panel discussions, [...]

Looking back at the Mac

I expect that pretty much everyone is writing a blog/tribute to Steve Jobs. I’ll leave that to people more eloquent than I and to those who knew him. His death, however, made me think back to 1984 and the first computer I ever purchased with my own money—a 128KB original Macintosh. I was a mainframe [...]

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