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Category: HDXPRT 2012

HDXPRT: see how your Windows PC handles media tasks

Over the last several weeks, we reminded readers of the capabilities and benefits of TouchXPRT, CrXPRT, and BatteryXPRT. This week, we’d like to highlight HDXPRT. HDXPRT, which stands for High Definition Experience & Performance Ratings Test, was the first benchmark published by the HDXPRT Development Community, which later became the BenchmarkXPRT Development Community. HDXPRT evaluates [...]

Stronger, faster, and definitely better

This week we released HDXPRT 2014 Community Preview 1 (CP1) to BenchmarkXPRT Development Community members. For those community members who’ve been around since the beginning, you’ll notice how much HDXPRT has changed. We’ve trimmed down HDXPRT without reducing the value of the test. While HDXPRT 2012 required multiple installation DVDs, HDXPRT 2014 CP1 is available [...]


As we’ve talked about in past blog posts, we have encountered a number of challenges in developing HDXPRT 2014. However, we’ve solved a lot of the problems, and this week we have a build that looks pretty stable. So, we’ve started installing and testing the new HDXPRT on a wider range of systems. Even though [...]

Designated Drivers

As we mentioned in last week’s blog On to the next thing, we have seen some problems running HDXPRT 2012 on the Windows 8.1 preview, build 9460. To date, the failures we’ve seen have been in Media Espresso’s Power Director on systems using third and fourth generation Intel Core processors. We are happy to say [...]

On to the next thing

Last week, we released MobileXPRT 2013 to the public and published it as a free app on Google Play. On Monday, we will release the source code to the community. It hasn’t been long since we released the source code for MobileXPRT CP 1.1, but it’s an important part of the community model that the [...]

The show is in previews

I love theater, both as an actor and as an audience member. Seeing a show in preview means you have the chance to see what might be the next big thing before the critics do. It also means you may be watching all the things they need to fix before opening night. Microsoft released the [...]

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