Every day, new technology brings new claims about how it could positively affect how we all do business. Hands-on testing helps us verify—or disprove--those claims, create accurate comparisons, and put the technology into better context. But some find the results difficult to relate to.

What if we could create materials that any person, at any level of experience with tech, could access, share, and even enjoy?

Imagine binging a mini-series where the fictional story of a business incorporates proven facts. Characters and realistic situations could share key facts in the larger context of the story.

We created just that. Mathis Analytics is a company walking through their journey to leverage real-life technology to capitalize on a major business opportunity. Virtual meetings, intra-office messages, and live office scenarios weave into an interactive journey you can click through and experience—at your own pace. And, you can binge watch it all in about an hour!