Mathis Analytics, an AI-focused startup, is facing the most exciting opportunity in their existence—preparing for a proof of concept (POC) that could catapult it to the next level. Join them as key players tackle real-world business and IT challenges, reveal their concerns around this project, and hone their strategies for success.

This site is a fictional case study of the story of Mathis Analytics, with fly-on-the-wall videos of in-person conversations, audio clips of voicemails, snippets of team meetings, email exchanges, related documentation, and more.

You’ll also see the results of PT’s hands-on testing of the same solution Mathis Analytics is considering for their data center, a cluster of Dell PowerEdge R7525 servers powered by 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors. You'll get pertinent insights into the Mathis Analytics decision-making process—and why this Dell and AMD solution might be right for them—from start to finish. You can start at the beginning of the timeline to watch the story unfold or explore the site for stuff that interests you.

About the SkyMe project

Mathis Analytics has a huge opportunity with SkyMe Airlines that could put them on the map—but they’re not ready for it yet. Follow along on this site as the Mathis Analytics sales team responds to SkyMe’s request for proposal. Be a fly on the wall as the Mathis Analytics leadership team decides whether they should expand their cloud service contracts or invest in more on-prem infrastructure, like Dell PowerEdge servers with AMD processors. And bite your nails with everyone in the company as they scramble to get everything ready.

Will they earn the SkyMe Airlines bid?

Meet the team

Meet the team


Mathis Analytics and SkyMe Airlines are fictional entities that we at Principled Technologies (PT) have created as part of this interactive experience for tech decision-makers, researchers, buyers, and anyone interested in how technology can affect businesses. We did this to help our client, Dell Technologies, show the benefits of upgrading to AMD processor-based Dell PowerEdge servers.

While Mathis Analytics is fictional, the infrastructure decisions they tackle are real ones that many companies face. The Mathis Analytics team, like many people involved in IT, will draw on a PT report that shows the results of hands-on testing we conducted in our data center. This testing showed that an on-prem Tanzu cluster of Dell PowerEdge R7525 servers with 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors could complete a machine learning training task faster than an AWS EKS cluster with c5.12x instances. It could also handle more MongoDB throughput and sustain more VM density than a legacy cluster. You can find more details—and even more results—in our report at https://facts.pt/Axmmz8G.

See a written version of this hypothetical case study at https://facts.pt/MtMQw2i.

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