IT administrators are both vital to keeping data centers running and often inundated with requests. Modern server management technologies could help them complete routine tasks in fewer steps and less time. We compared how long it took to complete some IT tasks using advanced features from Dell OpenManage Enterprise versus doing the same work manually.

Two of the IT tasks were server power monitoring and some basic management. We found that if you are using Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager 3.0 automates critical tasks that can help you control, or even reduce, your data center’s power consumption faster and more easily than using manual processes with iDRAC. Using OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager 3.0, we were able to obtain multi-server power data in just 27 seconds and cap power in up to 82 percent less time.

We also found using OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter on VMware-based Dell PowerEdge servers can help you complete firmware updates faster and more easily than using manual processes with iDRAC. IT administrators can expect time savings of up to 17 minutes per server.

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