When it comes to delivering large files or transferring digital media, speeding data transfer by increasing bandwidth capability can make a huge difference. Organizations often choose to increase their bandwidth using additional network interface cards (NIC). To see if there was any difference in network and bandwidth performance, we tested two different NIC solutions, each with a total potential bandwidth of 100Gb, using a Dell PowerEdge R750 server.

Using the Frametest tool to test both solutions, we compared a Dell PowerEdge R750 server with a single Broadcom 57508 Dual Port 100Gb NIC to the same PowerEdge R750 server with four 25Gb NICs. We also used the synthetic iPerf tool to measure maximum available bandwidth on the same solutions. In both studies, the PowerEdge server featuring the modern 100Gb Broadcom 57508 NIC offered better performance, up to 2.3x the Gbps at two instances and up to 31 percent more frames per second. These benchmark results suggest using one 100GB Broadcom 57508 NIC could improve your network capacity.

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