Much of the modern economy, from supply chains to online retail to financial transactions, relies on dependable, high-speed database performance. For the many businesses that rely on critical database infrastructure, performance bottlenecks and high levels of transaction latency can cause serious problems. Server hardware and software upgrades can help avoid those problems by bringing performance boosts that may ultimately increase both customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

We conducted a server hardware and software upgrade to see how much of a database performance difference the newer system would make. We used online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads targeting a MySQL database to test a 16th Generation Dell PowerEdge R760 server running a VMware vSphere 8.0 environment and a 15th Generation PowerEdge R750 server running vSphere 7.0. When we ran the OLTP workload on both solutions, we saw an 84% performance advantage for the PowerEdge R760 server running vSphere 8.0. The increased OLTP performance of the PowerEdge R760 suggests that upgrading to the newer server with the latest version of vSphere software could boost MySQL production workload performance.

To learn more about our upgrade comparison tests, check out the report and infographic below.