If there’s anything we’ve learned from the past two years, it’s that remote work is not going away, even if COVID vanishes. Too many people want to work from home—and those workers need the best Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) experience possible. Slow computing hurts productivity. Many companies have learned, though, that their existing hardware was not up to the challenge of supporting their teams. Whether you’re scaling up to handle your remote users or looking to find more efficient solutions, reviewing and possibly refreshing your hardware is almost certainly in order. To help you with that process, we’ve gathered some recent reports, all backed by facts from our hands-on work, that provide buying data you can trust.

We’ve updated this article to include a recent study detailing some of the VDI capabilities of Dell PowerEdge R840 servers. If you’re looking for on-prem VDI support, you won’t want to miss it.