Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow in importance as a powerful tool many organizations leverage to recognize patterns, produce insights, and improve customer experiences. With the recent success of ChatGPT, AI has become even more popular, with some seeing the possibilities as endless. Many organizations choose to run their AI applications on virtual machines (VMs) in the cloud. Performance, however, varies depending upon cloud service provider (CSP). Further, each CSP may offer multiple VM options, and not all of them perform the same.

In our test, we used a schema we derived from TPCx-AI benchmark that includes use cases targeting multiple aspects of artificial intelligence to measure the performance of two types of Microsoft Azure VMs: Edsv5-series VMs featuring 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Edsv4-series VMs enabled by older Intel Xeon processors. The latest-generation Edsv5-series VMs outperformed the previous generation VMs by 34 percent overall. This dramatic increase in performance could help your organization complete more AI work faster and even improve your bottom line.

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