Businesses around the world use online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads on Oracle Database to provide all kinds of products and services, from online retail to banking, food delivery, reservation booking, and more. For these businesses, it can be challenging to find a cost-effective database server solution that ensures fast and consistent customer service as workloads increase. In two recent studies, we found that upgrading to new Dell PowerEdge R7625 servers with PERC 12 RAID controller technology can allow businesses to process more online transactions, support more virtual machines (VMs), and reduce customer wait times.

These studies show that the latest generation of Dell PowerEdge technology can allow businesses to significantly improve their ability to handle increased OLTP workloads. With this level of upgraded Oracle Database performance, they could even consolidate multiple older servers and shrink their data center footprint, reducing the number of systems to purchase, support, monitor, and manage.

To learn more about these studies, check out the reports and infographics below.