PC fleet management can be a complicated, time-consuming job, even when everything’s going right. Routine tasks like driver updates, health scans, and security compliance remediation can snowball into major time sinks when multiplied across a large number of devices, so effective management tools are a must. The Dell ProSupport Plus for PCs service plan—when combined with Dell SupportAssist for Business PCs—provides IT admins with automation tools that can simplify fleet management and free up significant staff bandwidth for other priorities.

We tested several Dell ProSupport Plus management and monitoring features—including custom scripts, automated scans, and update capabilities—on 10 Dell Latitude 5430 laptops: five with ProSupport Plus and five without it. Our tests demonstrated that Dell ProSupport Plus automation capabilities can save significant time compared to a manual approach. For example, we found that with automation, we could initiate device and driver updates for an entire fleet in as little as 37 seconds. Based on our results, the time savings advantage of choosing ProSupport Plus over manual management can scale to as much as 641 hours of saved admin time per year for a 1,000-device fleet. That’s more than 80 workdays per year that IT admins could spend providing more in-depth technical support for employees, maintaining important systems, or researching new technologies.

For more in-depth information about our Dell ProSupport Plus for PCs management study, check out the report below.