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Bill doesn’t just review technology – he lives with it first

Bill doesn’t have deadlines for his reviews, so you don’t hear about his experiences until he’s lived with a gadget enough to give you information that is really useful:  

BMW i3 inspection update

I am happy to say that I am no longer a scofflaw or, worse yet, a criminal. My BMW i3 has a valid registration sticker on its license plate! As I discussed in a video blog a few weeks ago, the gasoline engine range extender prevented me from passing the emissions test necessary to get […]

It’s cool to watch technology evolve

Crowdfunding can be a great way to get the newest tech fast, but it can be frustrating as well; Bill can help:  

Bill explains Tech Everywhere

On this blog, Bill reviews cutting-edge tech he thinks is cool and fun. But that’s not the main thing he looks for in new technology, and it’s not the only reason he writes Tech Everywhere:  

Errors of emission: Bill Catchings forced to drive on the illegal edge by the BMW i3

In North Carolina, if your car can’t pass an emissions test, you can’t renew the registration on it. Shouldn’t be a problem with an electric car, right? Wrong: