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Scanadu Scout

One of the areas of Tech Everywhere that I’m interested in is personal monitoring. This area is sometimes referred to as the Quantified Self. For a few years now, through smartwatches and other devices, I have collected lots of data about myself. I’ve shown much of that data in my reviews of the Microsoft Band […]

Amazon Echo

I thought I’d take some time out between smartwatch reviews (I rather like the Basis Peak and am warming to the Apple Watch) to tell of my latest love (OK, more like infatuation), Alexa. She seems to understand whatever I ask and does her best to help me. She is constantly learning and supports me […]

It’s cool to watch technology evolve

Crowdfunding can be a great way to get the newest tech fast, but it can be frustrating as well; Bill can help:  

Bill explains Tech Everywhere

On this blog, Bill reviews cutting-edge tech he thinks is cool and fun. But that’s not the main thing he looks for in new technology, and it’s not the only reason he writes Tech Everywhere:  

Connected lights for the holidays

Buying holiday lights used to be pretty easy. The parameters were indoors/outdoors, small/large, white/multi-color, and string length. Wow, things have changed! Now, you have to consider which of the myriad of light sizes and styles (icicles, drapes, nets) you want, choose whether or not to go solar, and decide if it’s time to switch to […]

Software before its time

I have come to believe that software is becoming the neglected stepchild of many interesting connected gadgets, and the results are not good for any of us. The vendors of these devices seem to have a good grasp of what the market needs and the necessary hardware to accomplish those ends, but inadequate software is […]

Technology anticipation…

I’ve always enjoyed being a bit beyond the cutting edge of technology, on the bleeding edge. I love being the first person with a new gadget. So, getting involved in devices before they actually ship seemed like the next step. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been using Kickstarter and Indiegogo to do just […]

Bluetooth wars

Not long ago, I thought that Bluetooth, especially Bluetooth LE, was going to be the answer for all manner of connected devices. I thought that Bluetooth would mean the end of ANT+, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and other protocols. The war currently going on between my Bluetooth devices is making me wonder. My iPhone 5s (and other […]

Taking tech everywhere

Bill talks about the diverse tech he saw at MWC2014:

MWC report: Tech is everywhere

I have witnessed the first sign of the singularity. Or, at least proof that tech will indeed be everywhere. I have seen a Bluetooth-enabled electric toothbrush. It is from Oral-B and is supposed to debut in the US around July for a bit over $200. The toothbrush talks with your smartphone via the Oral-B App, […]