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Fall is beautiful in North Carolina. The temperature is dropping.  The leaves are changing color, making the hills scarlet and orange.  And, of course, the stores have been decorated for Christmas since Halloween. As we head into the biggest shopping season of the year, it’s a great time to be getting XPRT results from the [...]

The Microsoft Surface 2

As soon as the Microsoft Surface 2 became available, we got one and have been putting it through its paces. Of course, we ran WebXPRT and TouchXPRT. The results are on the TouchXPRT and WebXPRT sites, but I’ll repeat them here along with the results for its predecessor, the Microsoft Surface RT. TouchXPRT WebXPRT Surface [...]

Touch device first impressions

One of the nice benefits of working on TouchXPRT has been the opportunity to play with the latest touch devices.  The latest two are Windows 8/RT tablets, the ASUS Vivo Tab RT and the Microsoft Surface. I’ve been using the Vivo Tab without a keyboard and relying solely on touch while on the Surface, I’ve [...]

Putting the TouchXPRT pedal to the metal

Since we announced TouchXPRT early this year, we’ve been following a typical benchmark development path. We started with the most important question—“What are people likely to do with a touch-based Windows 8 device?”—and built from there. We looked at what people are doing now with iOS- and Android-based devices. We worked with early Windows 8 [...]

Tablets everywhere

Everyone wants in on the tablet market. This month, two software vendors have announced hardware tablets—Microsoft’s Surface and Google’s Nexus 7. Both vendors in the past relied on OEMs to create tablets using their software (Windows and Android). Both have met with limited success doing so. Now, both are trying Apple’s strategy of controlling the [...]

TouchXPRT update

We have been busy the last couple of months with TouchXPRT. We have been investigating and trying out things on Windows 8 Metro. While we are excited by the possibilities for a benchmark in that space, the task is a bit daunting. The first key question is what are people likely to do with a [...]

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