PT acquires Demartek - FAQ

We exist to do great work for our clients and to be a great place to work for our staff. By joining forces, we’re expanding our technological expertise and commitment to world-class fact-based marketing work.
They will continue as they are. Your contacts will remain the same, and you’ll continue to receive the same high quality of work to which you’re accustomed. We’re also ready and eager to start new projects with you!
Demartek test reports and marketing collateral will over time gain the services of the PT studio team, but our core services will remain the same.
Pricing will match historical pricing for Principled Technologies products, which reflect the tremendous value our products bring to our clients.
Yes. It will take us time to integrate the Demartek brand into PT, but that is our eventual goal and plan. We do plan to continue to operate the Demartek website and keep its content available for quite some time.
We have completed it.
No, we are not currently hiring.
Continue to talk to the folks you know, or email
We exist to do great work for our clients and be a great place to work for our staff. We offer world-class marketing, learning, and testing services that help you win in the attention economy. Our fact-based marketing proves the benefits of your product through every stage of the customer relationship, while our training and sales enablement offerings earn your learners’ attention and reward it with content they want.
Demartek provides real-world, hands-on research and analysis, focusing on industry analysis and lab validation testing of server, network, and storage technologies, for both small and medium business (SMB) and large enterprise environments.