We’ve been doing amazing testing at Principled Technologies for almost two decades. During that time, we’ve gone hands-on and in-depth with hundreds of products.

Vendors pay us for this work, so it’s fair to ask why you should trust us.

Our answer is simple: you don’t have to take our word for anything, because you can verify our work. Once we find the facts, we publish not only them, but also the methodologies we followed in our tests. You can use these methodologies like recipes to recreate what we did.

We’re starting this new section of our site to share with you collections of our recent studies, studies that can help you find the best tech—from home to enterprise—for your needs. For a long time, we avoided tagging our work with terms like “best,” because we knew we never tested every product in a category and so “best” felt to us like going too far. We’re changing that policy now, though, because we realize nobody tests everything. In each case, we will disclose what we have tested and, as we noted earlier, how we tested it.

This is our simple, no-secrets approach to sharing our data with you. We hope what we share will be helpful to you.

If you have any questions about our testing, email info@principledtechnologies.com.