Refreshing workforces with new PCs is a vital part of the business cycle, one that’s more important than ever with more and more people continuing to work from home. Meeting that challenge, though, has never been simpler.

Traditionally, a company would buy PCs from a vendor that would ship the devices to a company location, where an on-site IT admin would spend time configuring the PCs before distributing them to a mostly on-site workforce.

Now, remote work has made this workflow impractical and inefficient. IT staff have key business initiatives to attack, and shipping PCs from vendors to offices and back to employees wastes time and money.

We tested a solution, Dell provisioning services for VM Workspace ONE, that greatly reduces this time and expense. IT staff can configure once, and then Dell will send ready-to-work PCs straight to remote workers—with zero IT touch onboarding, a big plus for a company’s IT team. Dig deeper into the results to learn more about how this service could help your firm.