Each year, highly mobile workers are responsible for an ever-greater share of economic output. Client needs and project schedules remain the same, however, even when key teammates are on the move, so it’s critical to equip mobile workers with gear that provides excellent performance and personal comfort in less-than-ideal environments. A great mobile workstation should provide a strong blend of consistent performance and battery life while minimizing productivity drags like overheating and distracting fan noise.

We used industry-standard benchmarks to provide battery life estimates and compare the plugged-in and unplugged system performance of two mobile workstations: an HP ProBook 445 G10 Notebook PC powered by an AMD Ryzen 5 7530U processor, and a Dell Latitude 3440 laptop powered by an Intel Core i5-1335U processor. In our tests, the ProBook 445 G10 delivered higher benchmark scores on most tests—both plugged-in and unplugged—than the Latitude 3440. Further, when we ran battery life tests while the systems were in “best power efficiency” and “best performance” modes, we found that the EliteBook delivered significantly longer battery life than the Latitude in all cases while still achieving stronger performance in most cases.

We also hand-measured how hot and loud each system became while running a CPU-intensive workload. During our tests, both laptops stayed cool and quiet, but the ProBook managed to produce a 31 percent higher performance score than the Latitude. When factoring in the longer battery life, more consistent unplugged performance, cool temperatures, and low noise of the ProBook in this comparison, the HP ProBook 445 G10 clearly carried the day.

To dig into the details of our business laptop comparison tests, check out the report and infographic below.