In our fast-paced digital economy, secure and efficient IT infrastructure is a must, and IT’s ability to quickly identify and respond to looming problems can greatly affect a business. Modern infrastructure management solutions offer tools that claim to simplify tasks such as system tuning and drift and compliance remediation, but finding tools that will save time for the admins that use them every day can be tricky.

To help organizations meet this challenge, we compared two infrastructure management solutions that offer advanced management capabilities in an Enterprise Linux environment: Red Hat Insights and SUSE Manager. We set up a three-node SAP cluster and compared the time it took each solution to detect, review, and remediate issues in six common use cases. Across three of the use cases—SAP Advisory (HANA best practices), Configuration drift, and Compliance—we found that Red Hat Insights significantly reduced the time and number of steps for remediation compared to SUSE Manager. In the SAP Advisory and Configuration drift scenarios, Red Hat Insights reduced the time to remediation by 75 percent and 92 percent, respectively, compared to SUSE Manager. In the remaining use cases, the remediation times were similar for both solutions. Our tests show that using Red Hat Insights to monitor and manage a Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment can save time and simplify routine tasks for administrators compared to SUSE Manager.

To learn more about our comparison study and dig into the details of each use case, check out the report below.