If you serve customers from cloud-based databases, you know there’s often a direct link between speedy database performance and the levels of customer satisfaction that can lead to business growth. To meet demand, it’s tempting to simply tack on more of the instances you already use, but that approach could cause you to miss out on the higher performance and efficiency available with latest-gen platforms.

To show how newer technologies in latest-gen cloud platforms can improve database performance, we compared the SQL Server TPROC-C transaction processing workload performance of two Google Cloud instance types: C3 high CPU instances with 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and N2 high CPU instances with previous-gen processors. We configured both instances as similarly as possible and equipped them with the new Google Cloud Hyperdisk Extreme storage service. In our tests, the C3 high CPU instances with 4th Gen Intel processors significantly outperformed the previous-gen instances, delivering 1.35x the SQL Server new orders per minute (NOPM). With the ability to process more NOPM on each instance, your organization could potentially support a larger customer base, reduce wait times during peak demand, and/or save money by handling the same amount of demand with a smaller cloud footprint.

For more details about our Google Cloud high CPU instance performance comparison tests, check out the report below.