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Category: TouchXPRT release cycle

TouchXPRT 2016 Community Preview 3 is available

Today we are releasing TouchXPRT 2016 Community Preview 3 (CP 3). As we discussed in the blog, CP 3 resolves an issue reported on some systems, where the Create Slideshow test would take longer than expected to complete due to the output video not rendering correctly. As with all community previews, TouchXPRT 2016 CP 3 [...]

Detective work

A few weeks ago, we described an issue with TouchXPRT’s Create Slideshow test. On some systems, this test would take longer than expected to complete due to the output video not rendering correctly. Since then, we released TouchXPRT 2016 CP2, which includes a check that verifies the output and reports an error if there’s a [...]

Looking forward

If you’re in the US, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and that you survived Black Friday! On Monday, we released the second community preview for TouchXPRT 2016 (CP2). It detects the issue we described last week, by checking whether the Create Slideshow scenario completes correctly, and alerts you if it does not. We’re [...]

News about TouchXPRT

Some community members reported that, on some systems, the TouchXPRT Create Slideshow from Photos workload was taking a long time to complete.  We found that the output video does not correctly render when this happens. This affects both TouchXPRT 2014 and TouchXPRT 2016. So far we have only seen this problem on systems with some [...]

The TouchXPRT 2016 Community Preview is here!

Today we are releasing the TouchXPRT 2016 Community Preview (CP). TouchXPRT 2016 includes the same performance workloads as TouchXPRT 2014, but we have rebuilt it as a Universal Windows app. This makes TouchXPRT 2016 compatible with systems running Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Because this is a community preview, it is available only to [...]

Things are looking good!

It’s been a couple of weeks since we talked about TouchXPRT 2016. I’m happy to say that we have made great progress since then. The UI is adapting to the different form factors very well. We’ve tested the resizing on phones and on tablets with the screen snapped to half and quarter screen. While a [...]

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