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Category: TouchXPRT development process

Getting to know TouchXPRT

Many of our community members first encountered the XPRTs when reading about WebXPRT or MobileXPRT in a device review, using TouchXPRT or HDXPRT in an OEM lab, or using BatteryXPRT or CrXPRT to evaluate devices for bulk purchasing on behalf of a corporation or government agency. They know that specific XPRT provided great value in [...]

TouchXPRT’s future

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that we’ve been reviewing each part of the XPRT portfolio. If you missed our discussions of HDXPRT, BatteryXPRT, WebXPRT, and CrXPRT, we encourage you to check them out and send us any thoughts you may have. This week, we continue that series by discussing the state of [...]

TouchXPRT 2016 is here!

Today, we released TouchXPRT 2016, the latest version of our tool for evaluating the performance of Windows devices. The BenchmarkXPRT Development Community has been using a community preview for several weeks, but now anyone can run TouchXPRT 2016 and publish their results. TouchXPRT 2016 is compatible with systems running Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. [...]

There’s a lot going on!

We recently released TouchXPRT 2016 CP3 to the community. Testing has been going well, so we are releasing TouchXPRT 2016 to the general public on Monday. Thanks to everyone who tried out the previews! Back in December, we told you about Nebula Wolf, a game-based workload developed by students at North Carolina State University. Now [...]

TouchXPRT 2016 Community Preview 3 is available

Today we are releasing TouchXPRT 2016 Community Preview 3 (CP 3). As we discussed in the blog, CP 3 resolves an issue reported on some systems, where the Create Slideshow test would take longer than expected to complete due to the output video not rendering correctly. As with all community previews, TouchXPRT 2016 CP 3 [...]

Detective work

A few weeks ago, we described an issue with TouchXPRT’s Create Slideshow test. On some systems, this test would take longer than expected to complete due to the output video not rendering correctly. Since then, we released TouchXPRT 2016 CP2, which includes a check that verifies the output and reports an error if there’s a [...]

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