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Another pronunciation lesson

Knowing how to say the terms we read on-line can be a bit of a mystery. For example, it’s been 30 years since CompuServe created the GIF format, and people are still arguing about how to say it.

A couple of months ago, we talked about how to pronounce WebXPRT. In the video we pointed to, the narrator openly says he’s confused about how to say “XPRT.” For the record, it’s pronounced “expert.”

Recently, we came across another video, which referred to CrXPRT. The narrator pronounced it “Chrome expert.” The “expert” part is correct, but the “Chrome” part is not. It’s an understandable mistake, because Cr is the chemical symbol for chromium. That’s why we chose it! However, we pronounce the C and R individually. So, the name is said “C R expert.”

All that being said, it was great to see CrXPRT in the classroom! When we created CrXPRT, the education market was a big consideration, as you can tell from this CrXPRT video. We love seeing the XPRTs in the real world!


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