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This week we released HDXPRT 2014 Community Preview 1 (CP1) to BenchmarkXPRT Development Community members. For those community members who’ve been around since the beginning, you’ll notice how much HDXPRT has changed. We’ve trimmed down HDXPRT without reducing the value of the test. While HDXPRT 2012 required multiple installation DVDs, HDXPRT 2014 CP1 is available for download in the member’s area. In addition, it took HDXPRT 2012 at least five hours to complete the recommended three test iterations. HDXPRT 2014 is much faster – the total time required for install and three test iterations is less than two hours!

Like all versions of HDXPRT, CP1 uses real-world media applications such as Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 12, Apple® iTunes®11.1, CyberLink MediaEspresso 6.7, and others to perform common consumer tasks like editing photos, converting videos, and editing music files.

If you’re a community member, give CP1 a try. If you have questions about HDXPRT 2014 or any of the XPRTs, please contact us at If you’d like to be a part of future XPRT development and community previews, now’s a great time to join!


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