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Today, we released the source code for the MobileXPRT 2013 CP to the community (community login required). If you already have an Android development environment set up, building the benchmark is very straightforward. If you do not have a build environment, it’s not difficult to create one. All the necessary software is free, and the build documentation includes detailed instructions for creating the build environment on Windows 8.

Of course, you can also build Android applications using Linux or Mac OS X. The instructions include links to the information you need to set up those environments as well.

If you have suggestions about how we could make the application better, or you write some code you would like to submit for inclusion in the benchmark, please contact us at

Bill wrote about a presentation he gave to Mobile PC Extended Battery Life Working Group (EBL WG) in the post Presentation XPRT. We’ve put the slides from that presentation up on Slideshare. Check them out!


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