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MobileXPRT 2015 results

The following table lists MobileXPRT 2015 benchmark results contributed by BenchmarkXPRT Development Community members and verified by the Community Administrator. You can sort the table by clicking the header of each column. You can also filter the table according to row by typing a value into the Filter. Please click here if you would like to submit your own results for inclusion in the table.

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Overall score
Overall score
OnePlus6 (A6003)9092018-07-10PT
XiaomiMi MIX 2S8662018-06-27PT
LenovoTab 4 10 Plus3182018-06-11PT
CoolpadSky 31342018-05-04TeknoRus (Indonesia)
VivoV93332018-04-13TeknoVue (Indonesia)
SamsungGalaxy S9+8082018-04-10PT
Nokia8 6172018-03-06PT
MotorolaMoto X43632018-02-27PT
Huawei Mate 10 Pro5682018-02-01PT
BLULife One X32112018-01-23PT
VivoV73002018-01-19TeknoVue (Indonesia)
VivoV7 Plus3042018-01-19TeknoVue (Indonesia)
EssentialPhone PH-15652018-01-16PT
LenovoTab 71822018-01-09PT
AcerChromebook R 112882017-11-28PT
GooglePixel 26572017-11-02PT
SonyXperia XA1 Plus2692017-10-31PT
ASUSZenFone 4 Max2262017-10-24PT
ASUSZenFone Zoom S3402017-09-26TeknoVue (Indonesia)
SamsungGalaxy Note85532017-09-18PT
Xiaomi Redmi 4X1892017-07-24TeknoVue (Indonesia)
XiaomiRedmi 4A1972017-07-24TeknoVue (Indonesia)
OnePlus5 (A5000)5782017-07-20PT
BLUR1 PLUS1442017-07-18PT
NubiaM22852017-07-12TeknoVue (Indonesia)
XiaomiRedmi Note 4 (MediaTek Helio X20)2512017-06-22TeknoVue (Indonesia)
XiaomiRedmi Note 4 (Snapdragon 625) 2702017-06-22TeknoVue (Indonesia)
XiaomiMi Mix5272017-05-16PT
XiaomiMi 65612017-05-11TeknoVue (Indonesia)
SamsungGalaxy S85632017-04-26PT
SamsungGalaxy Tab S36532017-04-11PT
LG G66542017-04-05PT
ASUSZenPad 3S 102652017-03-29PT
XiaomiRedmi Note 42512017-03-08TeknoVue (Indonesia)
SamsungChromebook Plus3482017-03-07PT
ZTEBlade V8 Pro 2852017-02-20PT
Huawei MediaPad M34892017-02-14PT
LunaElevate V55C2602017-02-07TeknoVue (Indonesia)
ASUSZenFone 3 Max1952017-02-07TeknoVue (Indonesia)
Huawei Mate 95722017-01-17PT
MotorolaMoto E3 Power1052017-01-06TeknoRus (Indonesia)
LeEco Le Pro 35742016-12-14PT
GooglePixel 4142016-11-21PT
MotorolaMoto E3 Power1152016-11-21TeknoVue (Indonesia)
SonyXperia X Compact2172016-10-26PT
ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe4892016-10-21XFastest (Taiwan)
CHUWI HiBook 10.13162016-10-11PT
OnePlus3 (A3000)5442016-10-04PT
Quantum FlyMT Helio X20, 3 GB RAM1942016-09-14ZTOP + ZUMO (Brazil)
Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016)
ASUSZenFone 32842016-09-01DIY (Taiwan)
ToshibaWindroid 10G+3132016-09-01CHIP Online (Indonesia)
ZTEBlade Lite V71152016-08-24CHIP Online (Indonesia)
SamsungGalaxy Note7 (SM-N930V)5362016-08-23PT
OnePlus3 (Snapdragon 820)5442016-08-08Techgage
ASUSZenPad Z8 (ZT581KL)2772016-07-29ASUS
NextbitRobin3562016-05-17XDA Developers
Xiaomi Mi 5 4612016-05-16PT
SamsungGalaxy Tab A 7.0 SM-T2801312016-05-03PT
LGG5 VS987T5402016-04-22PT
Huawei Mate 8 NXT-L294782016-04-13PT
OndaV919 Air CH (China)
ASUSZenFone Zoom ZX551ML4282016-04-11ASUS
AcerIconia One 101862016-03-31PT
SmartfrenAndromax 21602016-03-28CHIP Online (Indonesia)
SamsungGalaxy S7 SM-G930V5332016-03-18PT
InfinixNote 21812016-02-16CHIP Online (Indonesia)
SamsungGalaxy S6 SM-G920F3912016-02-11PT
OppoR7s1682016-02-09CHIP Online (Indonesia)
GooglePixel C C1502W3982016-02-02PT
ASUSZenFone Selfie ZD551KL1862016-01-21CHIP Online (Indonesia)
InFocusM5351712016-01-18TechNews (Taiwan)
AcerPredator 8 GT-8104102016-01-18TechNews (Taiwan)
LenovoA60101602016-01-07CHIP Online (Indonesia)
HuaweiP8 (Kirin 930)2402016-01-06CHIP Online (Indonesia)
ASUSZenFone 2 ZE551ML3002015-12-10ASUS China
ZTEMaven Z8121302015-10-16PT
LenovoTAB S8-50F3062015-09-30PT
LenovoYoga Tablet 10 HD+1392015-09-21PT
Google (ASUS)Nexus 71262015-08-28PT
SamsungGalaxy Tab 3 7.01032015-08-28PT
Google (HTC)Nexus 94542015-08-27PT
ASUSZenFone 2 ZE551ML2992015-08-27PT

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