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Timing is everything

We have a couple instances of interesting timing this week.

A few weeks ago, we released the second community preview for CrXPRT (CP2).  It’s been doing very well and we’re planning to release CrXPRT to the public next week. Many thanks to all the community members who have helped make this possible.

Because the release is so close to the end of the year, the general release will be CrXPRT 2015. However, the community previews were dated 2014, which is potentially confusing. We want to reassure you that the results will still be comparable. As we discussed last week, for any of the XPRT benchmarks, the results from the community previews are always comparable to those from the final release.

In other news, we fixed the intermittent problem BatteryXPRT was having on the Nexus 9. The tests are looking good. In a bit of really good timing, this week Google started rolling out Android 5.01. We will be going back and retesting the devices with the newer version of the OS. We don’t expect any new problems, but it’s very nice that we got to check it out before we released the patch.


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