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We have seen significant interest from China in the XPRTs over the last year, with particular interest given to MobileXPRT. Given how important Android is in the Asian market, this not a surprise.

Our newest benchmark for Android devices is BatteryXPRT. While it’s still in Community Preview, we’re experimenting a bit with internationalization. On Monday, we’re going to release a second Community Preview with a UI in Simplified Chinese. Here’s what it looks like.

BattXPRT end test results Chinese                  BattXPRT detailed results Chinese

BatteryXPRT uses Android’s global language setting to determine whether to display in English or Simplified Chinese. Assuming your device is currently set to English, this is the setting you change by navigating to Settings → Language & input → Language. For those who are familiar with Android development, the new resources are in the res/drawable-zh-rCN and res/values-zh-rCN directories.

If your device is currently set up to use Simplified Chinese, and if everything is working correctly, BatteryXPRT will open with a Simplified Chinese UI. For any language other than Simplified Chinese, the application will default to English.

Because this is an experiment, the localization is not complete. For example, the User Manual is still in English.

We’re close to the general release, so this will be a really quick Community Preview. We’ll release CP2 to the community on Monday, April 14. We’ll take comments for a week, through Monday, April 21. Assuming the community does not find any significant issues, we hope to release the final version shortly thereafter. Please let us know if you see any problems.

We are very aware that this is a tiny first step on the road to internationalization. We’re currently researching what it would take to localize our various assets such as the documentation and Web sites. If you have any comments or ideas, please contact us at

And if you’d like to try your hand at translating the user manual, let us know!


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