The business value of SanDisk Fusion ioMemory application accelerators


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The business value of SanDisk Fusion ioMemory application accelerators

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Here are some facts that prove an application accelerator is an upgrade that will boost performance.

SanDisk Fusion ioMemory application accelerators take your Dell EMC PowerEdge server to the next level

Dell EMC PowerEdge™ R930 servers handled peak loads better with SanDisk® Fusion ioMemory™ SX350 PCIe application accelerators than with SATA SSDs

Serve more users simultaneously and faster

43% more orders per minute

Artboard 1 1 ,214,458 84 9 ,010 R930 with 8 S AT A S SDs R930 with 2 SanDisk PCIe c a r ds

Reduce latency for a better user experience

up to 84% lower latency

Reads (ms) 0.79 5.3 Writes (ms) 2.3 9.8

Our experts put the SX350 through its paces in the Principled Technologies datacenter.

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SanDisk® Fusion ioMemory™ application accelerators speed data accesses and help companies keep up with demands ahead of their competition.

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How fast is it?

"When we used traditional hard disk drives in our environment, we were often hours behind. The data just was not consistent across the SQL environment. Now that we have moved to Fusion ioMemory™ SX300 PCIe cards, it’s real time." 1

Owen Morley

Director of Infrastructure


"Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators have made our customers more successful. This product has made our service more reliable and has allowed us to be up—always. That has made the difference that’s allowed me to win the 500 biggest companies in the world, and to be a global business that really delights customers." 2

Grant Peterson

Chief Technology Officer


Just a few of the many industries in which speed will make a difference

The energy sector

Online dating sites

Fraud prevention

Internet security

Entertainment service providers

Financial institutions

Big Data analysis

The manufacturing sector

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When you need more technical info

Server storage can be complex. Help your customers understand their options.

Storage drives: pros and cons

Different businesses need different storage products and configurations.

Dell and SanDisk sponsored storage drive content:


A relatively inexpensive way to store lots of data.

Spinning disks want more power than SSDs, have higher rates of failure than SSDs, and won’t read or write data as fast as SSDs.

Solid state drives (SSDs)

Replacing standard HDDs with this option can bump application speeds.

SATA SSDs top out at 6 Gbps and need to stay close to the nearest innerconnect or they experience signal integrity issues—so they’re not ideal in external storage environments.

This option takes advantage of 12Gbps bandwidth and can deliver high reliability and 1.6 million hour MTBF.

You may still run into disk bottlenecks.

PCIe SSDs/ SanDisk application accelerators

This advanced technology connects storage directly to the PCIe bus and delivers the fastest performance and lowest latencies currently available.

Initial costs are higher than other SSD options, but analysis shows they can pay for themselves quickly. These application accelerators are a smart business decision.

SanDisk TCO Calculator

What makes application accelerators a good fit for your customers?

"Imagine that server storage is like the supply warehouse for a small retail shop. To keep the shelves stocked, workers must retrieve products from a storage location.

HDDs would be like using a hand truck to transport items from a warehouse down the road—doable but slow. SATA or SAS SSDs would be like using a car to retrieve the same goods—the process would be much faster but the distance would be the same.

With SanDisk Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators, the storage area is on site in a back room. Data is stored much closer to where the computing happens, so applications retrieve it much more quickly." 3

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PCIe SSDs and SanDisk application accelerators are not as fast as SATA SSDs.



PT proved PCIe and SanDisk applications accelerators deliver excellent performance and low latencies.


Case studies

Notes from real users

SanDisk® Fusion ioMemory™ application accelerators have proven their worth in business critical data centers.



System performance improved by 47%

Latency Improved by 2X

System availability improved by 4X

"We are huge fans of Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators. The product has transformed our lives and we’re excited to tell the story because it’s allowed us to do something for our customers that has really grown our business."

Grant Peterson

Chief Technology Officer

DocuSign® and SanDisk®: Eliminating paper—one digital signature at a time



3:1 server consolidation

Reduction in I/O wait on the server from 25% to zero

Established consistent Quality of Service (QoS)

"The users are happy and acknowledging that change has happened. Everything is a lot better. If you make my users happy, you are heroes."

Claudia Fintina

Applications Geoscientist Specialist

SanDisk® assists Santos in finding needed energy for Southeast Asia markets



Computing power improved by 4x (vs. HDDs*)

Gained: Consistent Quality of Service (QoS), low latency; high performance, cost containment, reliability, and ease of use.

"[We are] seeing a 4x increase in workload processing on our servers which allows us to get a lot more out of our computers today than we could with traditional storage. We save money on licensing and compute power, while significantly improving our performance and user experience."

Owen Morley

Director of Infrastructure

PlentyOfFish and SanDisk® A perfect match for engineering love



Reduced processing time by 63%*

Delivered higher QoS to customers

"Seconds really matter when you’re actually trying to prevent an attack. Our database performance determines how fast we can actually react to large-scale attacks. If we’re not able to respond quickly, an attacker might actually break through, costing a client millions of dollars."

Levi Junkert

Systems Engineer

OpenDNS and SanDisk® keep zombies at bay with Fusion ioMemory™ PCIe application accelerators